Gilding and Patina Finishes

This historical finish is a remembrance of the classic period, where once castles and palaces overwhelmed the earth with their riches in gold, fabulous paintings, hand crafted furniture and the exquisite artisans. Now, only a select few artisans around the world can illuminate this timeless hand crafted finish. Today, we may see a similar look in that of the modern day glaze, unfortunately the magnificent brilliance of a patina finish is shadowed with this glaze application. Our artisan started 35 years ago in Europe, showering furniture with gold and patina. Over this period of time, he has perfected this art as a tradition.

Gilding and Patina Finishes (Cont'd)

Gilding and Patina architectural finishes add an inestimable value on ornamental mouldings, mantles, furniture, cabinets, columns, woodwork, metal work, rosettes, statues, sculptures and walls and ceilings alike. Meticulously craftted, workmanship is engraved with elegance, wealth and distinction.

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