Office Painting

Research shows that the physical environment of an office space can have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of work that happens there. Employees in offices are more productive based on many factors, and the quality and colours of the paint are very influential. For this reason, it is important that offices and corporations pay attention to the state of their painted walls, and keep them properly maintained and fresh.

Clean Cut Painting & Decorating Corp. specializes in repainting and paint maintenance in large facilities such as office space, schools and educational facilities. Our crews are trained and experienced in working efficiently, using high-quality materials to produce lasting, attractive results. Fully-equipped to handle the largest jobs, our crews are the intelligent choice for painting offices, schools and educational facilities.

No matter the construction style, offices, schools and educational facilities have hundreds of painted surfaces that must be maintained. Individual offices, classrooms, hallways, restrooms and common lunch areas all require periodic painting. With a paint maintenance program, offices can get a better value for their money, going longer between full paintings without sacrificing a clean, fresh look.

As a top rated commercial painting contractor, Clean Cut Painting & Decorating Corp. has tremendous capacities that can care for a single office facility, or multiple locations. Besides interior and exterior painting, we offer:

  • Offices
  • Common Rooms
  • Fitness Centers
  • Showrooms
  • Media Areas
  • Fences, Gates & Porches
  • Parking Garages & Carports
  • Line Striping
  • Laundry Areas
  • And more!

Serving The Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding regions, Clean Cut Painting & Decorating Corp. is the GTAs top rated commercial painting contractor.